Turnkey WordPress

Rampant Multimedia provides turnkey WordPress setup for those who want to start a WordPress site but need help. We can get your site up and running and then fill in as much content as you need us to. We work in contact with you through the project like a team member, with quick responses.

Starting From Scratch

To run a WordPress site you must have a registered domain name and a web host that offers a WordPress installer. We can recommend trusted registrars and hosts, and help you with the steps to get going with them. Rampant Multimedia will install the WordPress application for you, as well as a recommended set of valuable free plugins.

WordPress Setup and Customization

For cost effectiveness and easy template security updates we recommend starting with a commercial WordPress template. For a reasonable fee you get a template with the layout you want and a robust set of features. Rampant Multimedia will then customize visual elements to personalize it for you or your company. We install extra plugins that will help you keep running smoothly and do more with your site.

Pages and Content

We can set up your site and be done, or we can create all the pages and fill them in. We have years of experience in making sites look sharp and professional. We are experts in matching corporate standards in color and logo usage. Photoshop editing is one of our specialties, so your photos will look their best.

WordPress SEO

WordPress provides a web site platform with a content manager and cross-platform adaptability for less than a custom-coded site. But you might not be aware that you are also getting a step up in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) support. You’re in for a treat if you haven’t seen what a great SEO plugin can do to improve your Google search rank. It will also help you write better content.

HTML Site Maintenance

If you have an HTML site and are running out of good people to do updates for you, please consider Rampant Multimedia. We have a lot of experience with HTML sites and maintenance updates.

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