Print Production

We provide high quality page layout and image editing using Adobe CC on demand.

Rampant Multimedia has extensive experience in print production and prepress. We provide agencies and independent designers with high quality page layout and image editing on demand. If your art department is maxed out and you have a project on a deadline we can help. We have worked on everything from brochures to magazines to packaging. Our work is performed accurately with attention to detail, seamlessly and dependably using the latest Adobe CC software.

Page Layout in Adobe InDesign

We are experts at understanding and following corporate standards and template specifications. Our page layout work features extremely accurate element positioning and consistency. We set up all documents with consistent text and color style management for easy global editing. When we produce a block of pages for a magazine those pages work seamlessly with the pages produced in-house. If you need production work on a brochure that is part of a campaign we follow the campaign design theme. Our goal is not only for projects to look great but also to make sure that they run problem-free at press.

Photoshop Editing

We edit and optimize images to meet printing specifications and look their best. We are experts at repairing noise, scratches, specks and rips. Knocking out backgrounds to place a person or object in another image is right up our alley too. If your images are in RGB format we can optimize colors and contrast before CMYK separation. We also offer Photoshop editing as a separate service, find out more on our Photoshop Editing page.

Adobe Illustrator Editing

If your print project includes vector images that need editing we can handle the job. This might range from simple color changes to details such as making sure that compound paths aren’t tangled or that black overprints correctly. We are also experts at hand drawing outline paths around people, objects or display fonts. Our paths will be precise and easily editable later, unlike auto-trace results.

Client Examples

Rampant Multimedia is proud to have completed projects for companies like Sony, Warner Bros. and Universal Music. This includes album cover and label restorations for remastered vinyl releases by artists such as Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Earth Wind & Fire and Boston. Our experience includes relationship marketing projects or advertising campaign work for companies such as Chase, Disney, Macy’s and Nordstrom. We will work just as hard getting it right for you.

Photo Format Tip

When we are provided with photos to use in print projects it is desirable for us to work from the most original files possible. Those files have the best pixel quality we can work from. Cameras capture photos in RGB format and that is the best format for us perform repair and color correction in. If scanning, please use RGB or grayscale format. We will convert the RGB images to CYMK at the last step after editing and re-sizing.

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