Photoshop Editing

Rampant Multimedia has extensive experience using Photoshop to edit or optimize images for web and print. Our work is done accurately with attention to detail, seamlessly and dependably. We use the latest Adobe CC software.

Damage Repair

Scanned photos always have some degree of damage in the form of specks, noise and possibly physical damage such as rips. Digital photos in general have less damage but also often require repair. In some cases part of a photo has to be deleted or replaced, such as text on the scan of an old album cover. Photoshop has filters that do some cleanup and repair automatically, but we use manual tools at a finer level of detail. This takes longer but yields a better looking final result.

Color Correction

Photos often have poor contrast or an unwanted color cast. This is especially true for scanned photos. We need to know if a photo is to be used for web or print and if you prefer a specific ICC profile. We then set the shadows and highlights for contrast and adjust the mid-range to neutralize color casts.

Knockout Paths and Alpha Channels

Our most popular individual Photoshop outsource service is knocking out backgrounds to isolate parts of photos. This is done by making a careful, professional grade selection around a person or or object such as a car. We supply the section method as either pen paths or as alpha channel/layer masks. If the subject is a person with a complex hair outline we will make the hair edge blend look natural.

Client Examples

A great example of someone who has used our knockout services is the Harlem Globetrotters. They have supplied us with batches of player photos to knock out to use in posters and their media guide. For repairs and color correction we are a preferred provider for vinyl album cover restoration for the world’s three biggest record companies.

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