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We work with independent designers and agencies to convert their designs into HTML and CSS or WordPress. We also offer site maintenance services for WordPress and HTML sites.


We can set up your new WordPress site or do maintenance on existing sites. We can also help you improve your Google search ranking with the most powerful SEO plugin.


From brochures to magazines to packaging, we have a full range of print production experience. If you have a deadline project and your art department is maxed out we can help get it done.


Photos used for web or print usually require editing, repair or color correction. We also offer those Photoshop services as an outsource including projects such as batch path knockouts.


Why we are your trusted web development and print production provider.
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Rampant Multimedia, Inc. was formed by John Herdt in 2002 after years of experience in corporate print publishing and web development. He has made it our mission to give you a premium quality multimedia outsourcing solution. Our focus is to develop relationships where we are a dependable team member when you need it.

WEB DEVELOPMENT » If you have design, images and content ready to go online but need someone to do the WordPress template setup and customization we can help. We can also do whatever degree of image editing and content insertion is needed. Get it started or fill it out. We also work on HTML sites including maintenance. more »

WORDPRESS SEO » For WordPress sites we can set up a powerful SEO plugin that will not only help your Google search rating but also help you write better content. more »

PRINT PRODUCTION » If your art department is maxed out and you have a project on a deadline we can help with page layout and image prep on almost anything from brochures to magazines to packaging. We work accurately with attention to detail, seamlessly and dependably. more »

PHOTOSHOP EDITING » We have years of experience using Photoshop to edit and prepare photos for both print and web. We do editing when working on a web site or publication, but also can work on individual or small groups of images as needed. For example, if you have a batch of photos that need path knockouts, or a photo scan that needs professional scratch and noise repair. more »

Rampant Multimedia uses the latest versions of Adobe CC applications such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

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